Why becoming a member?

We believe that if the various stakeholders in the Health Tourism Industry, come together to solve our biggest challenges, we will develop the bond and trust necessary to create an invaluable community of trust, information sharing, education, implementing rules & regulations and leadership development.

Our focus is promoting the medical tourism industry in our region and to ensure that our mission and vision are met.

We welcome you to become a member of the Health Tourism Alliance.

Please review the membership criteria, responsibilities and benefits.

Let’s work together! Drop us an email to get started!

What are the criteria’s to be a member?

An organization or individual interested in HTA membership should meet the following criteria:

  • Is active in the health tourism industry for more than 3 consecutive years
  • Interest in supporting and promoting the aims and general principles of the Alliance as outlined in the vision, mission and objectives of the organization
  • Involvement in the area of medical tourism, programs, initiatives and education
  • A commitment to interagency collaboration in order to engage in Alliance initiatives, such as knowledge generation and dissemination and advocacy for workforce-supportive policy reforms or other ways.

What are the Membership engagement?

Member responsibilities for engaging with global colleagues through the Alliance include:

  • Supporting and promoting the mission and values of the Alliance
  • Participating in the network by sharing tools and reports, collaborating with other members through interest groups, joining advocacy initiatives or other activities
  • Acting in a collaborative and transparent manner with other Alliance members.