Health Tourism
Alliance "HTA"

Health Tourism Alliance (HTA) is the union of people with skills and experience in health tourism development. Each in its own field has expertise which, combined with that of the other partners, represents a unique strength of proposals in the world. Coming from different European and MENA countries

Each Health Tourism Alliance operator is the regional relay of our international organisation, for all of them:

• Promoting health tourism.
• Improve patient care service. 
• Organize conferences, congresses and workshops. 
• Train and provide expertise by suggesting new policies and procedures,      
   certifications and accreditations.
• Provide advice on issues of health law, investment in health tourism.
• Ensure the implementation of new activities related to health or well-being. 
• Provide a broad platform for all industry stakeholders.
• Combining service excellence and innovative technologies in the sector.
• Marketing analysis and expertise in local / regional alliances / groupings. 


Our Mission

Our mission is, in partnership with all stakeholders in the health tourism industry, to work to optimize effectiveness, efficiency, safety, to contribute to a quality health travel experience, while encouraging innovations in health and wellness.


Our Vision

Build a regional alliance capable of improving the health industry through networking, training, organization, teamwork and planning. 


Our Values

• Excellence
• Responsibility
• Commitment
• Transparency
• Visionary


Our Services

. Organizers of events related to Medical Tourism: HTA assists you in the communication strategy, recruitment of exhibitors, development of the scientific program, recruitment of speakers, etc.
• Representatives of State Ministries in charge of the development of Medical Tourism: HTA assists you in the study of the means of development best adapted to the context, advises you in the communication to be implemented.
• Purchasers of medical services in Europe and MENA zone: HTA establishes with you a set of specifications, contacts service providers, draws up estimates and assists you in the choice of contracts to be contracted.
• A health establishment, or a group of clinics: HTA assists you in implementing a quality and safety policy for patient care in general, and for international patients in particular, through training, advice, evaluation, preparation for certification or accreditation, etc. 

Our Team

International Consultant

Abdallah Ali Hindawi

CEO Hospihub – Speaker Quality

Karine Breack-Touzet 

CEO, Medical Tourism Network

Elie Moarbes

Accreditation Consultant

Asaad M. Riad